Music education for modern kids

Get Creative!

Participate in jam sessions with the monster band!

Easy learning

Progress through skill building levels in music

Customize the band

Earn stars and costumes for
the band!

Mussila – the game

Join the Mussila band on their musical journey to help them find their lost instruments and costumes. Based on a musical curriculum Mussila is a fun and creative game that gives you the basic skills to play and create your own music.

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Fun play and fast learning


Mussila delivers a musical adventure like no other. Magically kids intuitively pick up on the basic principles associated with music and have a blast doing so!

Teachers with Apps
– listed Mussila as Best of 2017

Best of the best

Parents and music teachers will be thrilled with the quality and depth of the skills covered, and children will be engaged through many hours of productive play.

Best apps for kids

Wholeheartedly recommended

It’s presentation, quality of educational design, and attention to detail place Mussila among the apps that can be wholeheartedly recommended for any school or parent with a suitable device.

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