Mussila is a highly interactive and engaging music app that teaches children to recognize instruments, rhythms, and a variety of other musical lessons in one place. Easy to use and loads of fun, this app is great for children of all ages!

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Not only will your little polymath get a first-rate education in preschool music theory, but they can actually learn to play the piano without you being out 3 grand and half your living room.


This extensive game has over 60 levels of engaging game play and creativity….The graphical quality and audio of the app is excellent and it will appeal to both boys and girls.

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Along the way, I began for the first time how to understand reading music and it dawned on me that it had never been introduced to me in such an uncomplicated and coherent method.

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Mussila Planets

The latest game from the Mussila team is Mussila Planets – an adventurous tilt and tap game that takes the player on a journey between exotic planets all the way from space down to the deep mysterious sea. Along the way the player is faced with musical challenges such as catching the melody, avoiding the bad notes and beating a high score. While playing the game you will come across all kinds of mysterious creatures and exciting landscapes.

Activate rainbow trails and pink dolphins and score higher points by triggering special versions of the melody. Earn the top score crown on each level and open up the next planet. Pop the special shielded notes to earn extra points and slow down the song and get more time or be daring and speed it up.

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