The next team member we would like to introduce to you is Margrét, our CEO. Here are her answers to some short questions.

Name: Margrét Júlíana Sigurðardóttir
Age: 42 (1973)
Where are you from:  Garðabær, Iceland
Whats your profession/background:  Musician – finished postgraduate studies from the Royal Academy of Music in London.  Which was good and fun, but I enjoy no less, even more, to sing and play more freely than the classical reportoire gives me room for.
What made you interested in working on Mussiland:   I have always been motivated to find better solutions than we already have.  Mussiland is a better solution. 🙂
What do you do when you’re not working:    When I am not working I am with my daughter, my family and sometimes – too rarely,  with my friends.   This actually is not the whole truth.  When I am not working I am doing laundry, washing up,  helping with homework, doing laundry, washing up, doing laundry.  I work too much these days but my daughter and my family life is a priority and I am glad that my business partner Hilmar Thor agrees with me on that we will strive for more regular, healthier and more family friendly work style than we have now as entrepreneurs.
What 3 words describe working at Rosamosi:   Enthusiastic,  fun and inspiring.
What 3 words would Rosamosi use to describe you:  Crazy, demanding and determent.   And probably old too. haha
Whats your favourite bit of Mussiland:    How everything is full of music,  the animation,  the powerful scenery,  the colours.  Everything has depth to it, there are layers everywhere.  And I think that the ambitious effort we put into attending every detail and make everything as good as we possibly can, really is what makes this place come alive.

Thank you Margrét, for taking the time to answer these questions!