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Based on a musical curriculum Mussila is an adventurous and creative game that gives you the basic skills and instruments to play and create your own music – with no experience required!

Join the Mussila band on their musical journey on the adventurous island with glaciers and glowing rivers lava and and help them find their lost instruments and costumes. The player progresses through skill building levels by recognising different instruments and defining rhythms and melodies and gradually builds a foundation of musical understanding.

Based on a thoroughly planned curriculum, Mussila made to encourage the child’s self esteem through accomplished and fun play. It is a zero violence adventure in which your child learns musical understanding they can build on for life.

  • Participate in interactive jam sessions
  • Progress through skill building levels
  • Customise the Mussila band
  • Record your own music
  • Play piano notes
  • Define rhythms and melodies by ear
  • Earn new instruments and outfits
  • Learn to recognise 14 instruments
  • Engaging skill building levels
  • Gender neutral
  • Zero Violence
  • No in app purchases
  • No Ads

Mussila Planets

The latest game from the Mussila team is Mussila Planets – an adventurous tilt and tap game that takes the player on a journey between exotic planets all the way from space down to the deep mysterious sea.

Along the way the player is faced with musical challenges such as catching the melody, avoiding the bad notes and beating a high score. While playing the game you will come across all kinds of mysterious creatures and exciting landscapes.

Activate rainbow trails and pink dolphins and score higher points by triggering special versions of the melody. Earn the top score crown on each level and open up the next planet. Pop the special shielded notes to earn extra points and slow down the song and get more time or be daring and speed it up.

  • Catch a melody and travel through space
  • Participate in interactive jam sessions
  • Activate rainbow trails and pink dolphins
  • Explore three exotic planets
  • Avoid the spiky meteors
  • Pop the shielded notes
  • Based on musical principles
  • Engages hand-eye coordination
  • Gender neutral
  • Zero Violence
  • No Ads

Mussila Dj 

sila DJ is the next kids app in the musical toolbox from Mussila. This game encourages the players to create their own musical soundscape and remix existing songs. Mussila DJ comes with a set of songs, loops, beats and nature sounds which kids can add to by recording their own.
Capture sounds from the environment and voices through the microphone and add them to the collection of vinyls and loops. Layer them for a live musical performance and vary the speed and volumes – and scratch – like a real DJ!

  • Make your own loops and beats
  • Mix and layer the music
  • Scratch the ‘vinyls’
  • Record your session
  • Add effects and percussives
  • Simple interface
  • Zero violence
  • No ads 

Mussila Dj Christmas 

Get into the holiday spirit and make your own festive soundscape with Mussila Dj Christmas!  Here you find the  traditional Christmas songs such as ‘Silent night’, ‘Ding dong! Merrily on high’ and ‘Deck the halls’ set on vinyls and ready for mixing and layering.

The app also comes with a set of loops and beats to which the players can add their own winter recordings and frosty beats.

Layer your songs with sleigh bells and monster sounds, vary the speed and volume, and mix, scratch and record your live musical performance!

  • Make your own mix of seasonal music
  • Festive percussives 
  • Sleighbells and ginger-breads
  • Make your own festive loops and beats
  • Record your voice in the holiday spirit
  • Scratch the ‘vinyl’
  • Zero violence
  • No Ads

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