Aim of the game

The aim of Mussila is to make music theory more appealing to the beginner in music and to provide both parents and schools alternative tools for music education.

20,2% better results in music theory!

A group of  120 school children were tested in music theory before and after a three weeks period.  Half of that group got Mussila in their music classes and the other half got music classes without intervention.  In the beginning both groups scored the same but after the three weeks test period the Mussila group scored 20,2 % higher on the music theory test whereas there was no change in the control group.

Interestingly the former group also scored higher in questions that were not a part of the game’s curriculum.

Mussila in the classroom

Another part of the study where six schools of the town of Gardabaer in Iceland were participants focused on the teacher’s experience. They described the games as very easy to use in the classroom with no previous music education needed.

The games could be used in different ways, in groups, quizzes and for creative music work.