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Aim of the game

The aim of Mussila is to make music theory more appealing to children from the ages of 5 to 9 years and provide schools with an alternative tool to teach them.

Research – 20,2 % improvement with Mussila

To prove the value of Mussila, a group of school children were tested in music theories before and after using the game for three weeks. A control group took both exams without any intervention. The results showed that using Mussila helps children to gain interest and knowledge in score reading. Their results improved by 20,2% during the three-week period.



The second test confirmed that students found it easier to calculate with rhythms and recognize familiar songs by the fragment of the melody.  Children were generally quick to learn how to use the app and used their own logic to find and associate the right score to the right melody or rhythm pattern they were listening to. Since the game is smoothly built up, step by step, the kids found it easy to solve the tasks independently and teachers help was not necessary.


All the pupils enjoyed playing Mussila and teachers found it educational and entertaining to use during the music classes. Children liked the rich diversity of the tasks and the design.



Mussila for teachers

All the teachers involved in the study agreed that playing Mussila opens the student’s musical creativeness and provides many ideas to use in practical music-making.  Besides playing and having fun with Mussila individually at home, it is a great educational tool for music classes.


The teachers were overall pleased with the app.  Mussila’s ambitious approach to teaching children the principles of music was considered unique.  Teachers can use the app in the classroom without much preparation which is a great advantage for anyone preparing a lesson.


Teachers can choose the level of instructions before children start playing and playing times can vary. It was therefore also considered to work well for a flipped classroom.


The app can raise interest in music and provides an opportunity to those that have not had precious opportunities to learn music to do so. The entertainment value of Mussila was apparent to the teachers and the app kept the children’s attention during lessons.


Different learning styles

Some of the students enjoyed racing through the levels of the game but others loved playing in the Mussila band, choosing instruments, costumes and finding the right sound.

The children were curious to try every option available on the screen whereas teachers were more likely to follow the straight route.


“This extensive game has over 60 levels of engaging game play and creativity….The graphical quality and audio of the app is excellent and it will appeal to both boys and girls.”
★★★★★(5) Educational App Store

“Along the way, I began for the first time how to understand reading music and it dawned on me that it had never been introduced to me in such an uncomplicated and coherent method. Mussila – Musical Monster Adventure is highly recommended for every child’s iPad!”

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