Rosamosi entered a new phase last week when we had an oh-so grown-up Happy Staff Day.  It began with a lecture on Emotional Intelligence in leadership with Gudny Reimarsdottir.  A very interesting topic and quite an interesting one to embark on in those early days of our company. Each of us took a test to figure out our EQ and in that room Excellent and Outstanding from other similar tests, meant nothing.   (*), (**), (***)

After that we visited our friends and fellows in the storm;  Radiant Games.  We had so many things to talk about. My oh my – if we were a girl and they were a boy we would be discussing how many children we should have by now.  So we planned a date.  After that we headed to Reykjavik’s luvlyest restaurant Grillmarkadurinn where we had a five star lunch.  And Staff was Happy.

We were unfortunatly having too much fun to take pictures.  Here is however a one dark digital memory of the event, taken at Grillmarkadurinn.   From left there is Margrét, Hilmar Thor, Ægir and Krista.  Not there:  Mattías Már (he took the picture), Drew Morgan who is located in Bristol and our board members Snæbjörn and Birgir.
Project Happy Staff Day: Completed.

(*)      Note to self:  Facebook tests may not be accurate.
(**)    Another note to self: One may not have an IQ of 155 and therefore belong to  “…less than 1% of human kind”  even if Facebook says so.  
(***)  Whom to trust if not Facebook?   (Twitter? / God?)