Mussila: Music Education for Choirs

We love choirs! In our office half of the staff have been long time choir members and our CEO has many years experience of directing choirs.

Kids come into choirs with very different levels of understanding for music, education and experience from music reading. With the Mussila app the basics of music reading are covered in a game. The student goes straight into action. The stages have interesting tasks and the characters increase engagement.




Best Educational app

Mussila has been nominated as the Best Educational App for the Bett Awards 2020. The Bett Awards are a celebration of the inspiring creativity and innovation that can be found throughout technology for education. The awards form an integral part of Bett each year, the...

App of the day

We are glad and honored with a great feature in the UK from App Store. the editorial team of App Store wrote wonderfully about our app. "Mussila Music School is the choice for more musical kids, as it teaches them the basics of...

Modern music education – EdTechX Europe London

How do we empower all learners today and prepare them for tomorrow? In June 2019, Margrét Sigurdardottir CEO of Mussila talked at the EdTech X Europe in London. She emphasized how the Mussila Music School bridges the gap between the written language of music and the...

Musicians becoming innovative entrepreneurs

We could not agree more with our friends at Kaufman Music Center, New York City in his topic about musicians becoming innovative entrepreneurs. What an example they are setting with their innovative school! Well done Lydia Kontos!!

Musical training makes lifelong changes to your brain

Research not only confirms the Mussila theory on the positive effect of musical training on children, but it also proves the biological impact it has on the brain. Prior studies comparing adult musicians and non-musicians have revealed structural and functional differences in the brain.

Nordic Game

Nordic Game

We are super happy and honoured with the grant we received today from NordicGame! stay tuned for The Music Box Game, out soon... Article from Nordic Game Community: 1M DKK awarded in last round of Nordic game development support At the Nordic Game 2015 conference in...