Musical training makes lifelong changes to your brain

Research not only confirms the Mussila theory on the positive effect of musical training on children, but it also proves the biological impact it has on the brain. Prior studies comparing adult musicians and non-musicians have revealed structural and functional differences in the brain. A research conducted to address the question whether childhood musical training induces these changes, has provided evidence for training-induced structural brain plasticity in early childhood. Only 15 months of musical training in early childhood correlated with improvements. These findings shed light on brain plasticity, and suggest that structural brain differences in adult experts are likely due to training-induced brain plasticity.

The Effects of Musical Training on Structural Brain Development. The Neurosciences and Music III: Disorders and Plasticity

Mussila helps you create your own little genie

Musicians becoming innovative entrepreneurs

We could not agree more with our friends at Kaufman Music Center, New York City in his topic about musicians becoming innovative entrepreneurs. What an example they are setting with their innovative school! Well done Lydia Kontos!!

Music education for choirs

We love choirs! In our office half of the staff have been long time choir members and our CEO has many years experience of directing choirs.

Here we have Hilmar Thor

Here is an introduction to another of our beloved team 🙂 Hope you enjoy! Name: Hilmar Þór Birgisson Age:29 (1986) Where are you from: Garðabær, Iceland. Whats your profession/background: I have a Master degree in Electronic and Computer engineering from the...

And here is Margrét

The next team member we would like to introduce to you is Margrét, our CEO. Here are her answers to some short questions. Name: Margrét Júlíana Sigurðardóttir Age: 42 (1973) Where are you from:  Garðabær, Iceland Whats your profession/background:  Musician - finished...

And we present to you – Matthías!

The next person from the Rosamosi team to be introduced is Matthías. Again, feel free to ask him questions by posting on our Facebook or Twitter account if you are curious for more answers. 🙂 Name: Matthías Már Ólafsson Age:33 (1982) Where are you from:...

Mussiland adventures at Slush 2015 in Helsinki!

After a great success at the WebSummit in Dublin, our CEO Margrét has traveled to Finland to partake in Slush conference in Finland where startup companies and tech people come together to network, learn and meet investors. Margrét is representing Mussiland and the...

Mussiland is rocking the WebSummit in Dublin

One of our goals is and will be to connect with great minded people and spread the knowledge about Mussiland and the work we are doing. This week we are participating in WebSummit in Dublin, where more than 30,000 people from over 100 countries are gathered to share...

Mussiland Kickstarter is live!

We at Mussiland have been working hard on getting a Kickstarter campaign together and we are happy to let you know it is live and kicking 😉 So why Kickstarter? It is our chance to deliver music education to children everywhere! We are so close to our goals with...