The award-winning educational app from Icelandic company Mussila is recommended by teachers and parents and loved by children all over the world. The whimsical Mussila characters lead the player through a magical landscape filled with musical adventures and challenges. Mussila Music School provides a safe, ad-free, non-violent, gender-neutral environment to learn, play and enjoy music of all genres – no prior training needed.

Music learning becomes a fun gaming experience as the player progresses through skill building levels, all the while learning to recognize instruments, rhythm, read music and play songs on the keyboard. The Mussila method is based on a carefully planned musical curriculum and parents can continually monitor their child’s progress. Every challenge is rewarded and after each course, the child will be able to read and play a song with a clear understanding of the musical elements behind it.

Since its launch three years ago the app has undergone rigorous development and the newest update has gained considerable international recognition. In 2018 Mussila Music School was both awarded the German Pedagogical Media Prize and named Global Finalist in the Creative Business Cup. Mussila has regularly been featured in Apple’s ‘App of the Day’ in 32 countries and was listed in Educational App Store’s ‘Best Kids Apps 2019’ with highest recommendations from both parents and teachers.

The newest version of Mussila offers 20 courses with over 1000 musical challenges based on a variety of classical music and folk songs. The first 3 courses are free as well as a 7-day trial. Premium subscribers receive full access with new courses and songs added every month.