We at Mussiland have been working hard on getting a Kickstarter campaign together and we are happy to let you know it is live and kicking 😉

So why Kickstarter? It is our chance to deliver music education to children everywhere!

We are so close to our goals with Mussiland and are heading into it’s final development phase of the first release of the Mussiland apps. The app is almost ready for beta testing and the Mussiland Music Player is in full development. However, now we need your help to push our first set of apps through this final production phase and onto the market. The Kickstarter goal combined with Rosamosi’s contribution enables our team to work full time over the next months on testing and finalizing the app. That is why Kickstarter is a vital pussle in our plans, and you can be a contributing partner of ours!

Beyond our Kickstarter goal we have ideas of even bigger and greater Mussiland apps which are better explained in the chapter Stretch Goals. Bringing Music and music education for every child around the world is what we are passionate about!
How cool is that?

Feel free to ask us any questions about the Kickstarter campaign, our goals and how we intent to reach the final production. You can ask it here, or on our Facebook site


Thank you!