The team

Margrét Júlíana Sigurdardottir

(CEO / Co-Founder)

Is:  A versatile musician, a mother of one and one of the creators of Mussila

Was: At the Royal Academy of Music in London and holds a diploma in Digital marketing from Reykjavik University.  Also worked on tv and radio at RUV the Icelandic broadcasting services.

  • In her own words: Two’s a company, three is a band!

Hilmar Thor Birgisson

(CTO / Co-Founder)

Is: A game enthusiast, a computer enginer with MSc from University of Iceland and a father of a tiny but fast growing toddler.

Was:  The CEO of Tóngreinir game studio and a teacher in engineering at Keilir Institute of technology. Later joined forces with Margret Juliana in developing the adventure of Mussila.

  • Quotes:  “Always trust computer games”

Aegir Örn Ingvason

(Technical Designer)

Is:  An animator with BSc in computer sciences from Reykjavik University, a multimedia designer and a composer of synth-pop music. 

At Caoz animating Legend of Valhalla.  Also worked at Kúla developing 3D lens for cameras. 

  • Swedish favourites:  Bilar

Krista Hall

(Art Director)

Is:  Illustrator, graphic designer, monster maker and music lover

Was:  At Iceland Academy of the Arts and finished BA in Graphic Design in 2014.  Manager of vintage stores Spúútnik and Nostalgía vintage stores in Reykjavík and a lead designer and party planner for the Food&Fun Festival in Reykjavik since 2007.

  • In her own words: Less is a bore!