Margrét Júlíana

(CEO / Co-Founder)

Is:  A professional singer, composer, piano player, a mother of one and the creator of Mussila

Was: At the Royal Academy of Music in London vocal department vocal department,  studied previously at the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien and holds a diploma in Digital marketing from Reykjavik University.  Also a tv host and a radio presenter at State Radio, Channel 1 in Iceland.

  • In her own words: Two’s a company, three is a band!


(Board member / Co-Founder)

Is: Investment manager at Islandsbanki in Iceland, holds a MA degree in Corporate Business from SDA Boccioni Milan a hunter and a father of two wise-guys and one wise-girl.

Was: A choir boy in Tosca at the Icelandic Opera.

  • As a rule:  Go for the movitation

Hilmar Thor

(CTO / Co-Founder)

Is: A game enthusiast, a computer enginer with MSc from University of Iceland, took courses at Denmark Technical University and a father of a tiny toddler

Was:  A teacher at Keilir Institute of technology, Founder and CEO of Tóngreinir software and gaming company that joined forces with Margrét to start up Rosamosi to make and realise the adventures in Mussiland

  • Quotes:  “Always trust computer games”

Aegir Örn

(Technical Designer)

Is:  An animator, a multimedia designer, maker of synth-pop music and app coder, owner of five guitars, three keyboards, three basses,  electric violin and an ukulele.

At Caoz animating Legend of Valhalla,  team partner at Kúla developing 3D lens for cameras, at Reykjavik University (BSc) and the Multimedia School of Reykjavik.

  • Swedish favourites:  Bilar

Kitty Von-Sometime


Is:  Producer, director, artist, DJ, mother, gardener and a damn fine cook.

Was: Living in London until relocating in 2006, after which became a producer for EVE Online for over 5 years.

  • In others’ words: Described by a Taiwanese culture magazine as ‘’…a big girl of indefinable age”

Krista Hall

(Art Director)

Is:  Illustrator, graphic designer, monster maker and music lover

Was:  At Iceland Academy of the Arts (BA in Graphic Design, 2014).  Manager and graphic designer at Spúútnik and Nostalgía vintage stores in Reykjavík and the project manager and party planner for the Food&Fun Festival in Reykjavik since 2007.   Co-creator of Kleinubarinn, a local, hip, pop-up place selling traditional Icelandic delicacies with a modern twist.

  • In her own words: Less is a bore!

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