Mussila Music School

This version enhances the Mussila adventure, as it deepens and grows even more exciting. The update will expand the user experience and greatly enhance and enrich the educational value of the game. Mussila now includes 5 adventure games, each of which has their own musical approach.

1. The Magical Island

The main game, called Magical Island, is broken into four different paths; Volcano, Glacier, Desert and Forest. The Volcanic landscape focuses on melody, while you learn to recognize a variety of instruments within the glacier. In the clear, wide-open space of the desert the player learns to define rhythm. Each player earns stars while taking on these exciting challenges on the Mussila Island.

2. The Magical Forest-keyboard

The player has a chance to test his hard-earned skills by playing a song’s melody on the keyboard. A musical notation is shown on the screen. It starts out with a small and a simple melody but gets harder as the user progresses. The user is not required to know how to play an on-screen keyboard as Mussila will always be there to guide him through learning the melodies. When purchased this game is added to the skill building games of the Magical Island.

3. Mussila Planets

An adventurous tilt and tap game that takes the player on a journey between exotic planets, all the way from space down into the deep and mysterious sea. Along the way the player is faced with musical challenges such as catching the melody and avoiding the bad notes. The game includes original songs and a new arrangement of Beethoven´s Fur Elise.

4. Mussila DJ

This game encourages the players to create their own musical soundscape and to remix existing songs. Mussila DJ comes with a set of songs, loops and beats, which kids can add to by recording and creating their own. Capture sounds from the environment and voices through the microphone and add them to the collection of vinyls and loops. Layer them for a live musical performance and vary the speed and volumes – and scratch – like a real DJ!

5. Mussila Jam session

Each Jam session sets a different adventure scene and a fresh new song that serves as a musical playground for users together with the Mussila-band. In Mussila Jam Sessions users are able to fully customize and arrange their own musical creations by swapping in and out instruments that are being played and play on percussive instruments.