We would love to introduce ourselves a bit more to you and have decided to do a team intro posts where we answer some questions.  We would also love to receive your questions for the team if you have specific ones, for example about their previous work, hobbies or anything else.

The first person we want to introduce is Ægir Örn.

Name:  Ægir Örn Ingvason
Age: 29 (1986)
Where are you from: Made in the westfjords, imported to Reykjavík city
Whats your profession/background: Front-end Developer – UI programmer and technical artist, Multimedia designer diploma from Reykjavík Multi media school, Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from Reykjavík University
What made you interested in working on Mussiland: Mussiland is a project where I can infuse two of my greatest passions in life: music and video game creation. For me, every day at work is very rewarding. There are always new challenges though not always fun they are never truly boring. We are such a tight little group where everyone has to be like a perfectly timed cog in a great machine, which is amazing considering our different backgrounds. Also I really want kids to have a medium to try music education without feeling like they would disappoint their parents if they don’t like it and the kids could adjust to their own pace. I feel that Mussiland does this while also giving kids a very fun musical experience as a game.
What do you do when you’re not working: Not working? We’ve got a game to make! Kidding…
Getting creative like painting or making music, playing games or just hanging with my friends and family is always a great way to spend my free time.
What 3 words describe working at Rosamosi: Wacky, challenging and really fun!
What 3 words would Rosamosi use to describe you: Versatile, Creative and awesome
Whats your favourite bit of Mussiland: My favorite bit of Mussiland is what a strange world it is. What do they eat and how do you get there?

Thank you Ægir for your answers, and please feel free to ask him something yourself 🙂 You can do so on our Facebook site or Twitter account.